Batman: Gotham by Gaslight Basic First Thoughts

I finally got around to seeing the latest Batman animated movie Gotham by Gaslight.  Now before I start I have to say I haven’t read the graphic novel it’s based on, and from what I understand it deviates considerably so know that this is me talking about the movie on its own merits, not how faithful it is to the source material.  Having said that I thought it was pretty well done.  The voice acting is overall pretty good, I don’t have any complaints about it.  I dig the character design considering it’s Batman in Victorian Era.  Lastly the story for a what if scenario I think has a lot of potential considering how famous of a cold case Jack The Ripper is.  If I do have to name two negatives the first without giving anything away I found the twist involving the identity of Jack The Ripper to be rather predictable.  The second is while I like the character design the animation for some reason felt a bit janky in parts, on repeated viewings though this could be a nonissue.  Overall Batman Gotham by Gaslight is a pretty well done what if story had Batman take on Jack The Ripper.  I do recommend it to Batman fans but you have to go in expecting a different interpretation on the character, otherwise you might be disappointed.  This is also not a Batman movie to show children as it is too intense for them given the subject matter.  That’s really all I have to say for a basic first thoughts, so this has been Michael Schomer and I’ll see you all next time.



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