The Emoji Movie Basic First Thoughts

Hey everyone so I got around to seeing The Emoji Movie. I don’t know if I can go as far as to say it’s the worst movie of 2017 but having said that it’s pretty bad.


To give credit where it’s due the CG animation is alright by theatrical film standards, and they do have a talented cast where the voice acting isn’t terrible given what they had to work with.


But when it comes to the problems, let me first say this I wasn’t against the idea of making a movie about Emojis and was willing to give the benefit of a doubt. Look at The Lego Movie for example, I’m sure many people were rolling there eyes at the idea of that and it turned out to be great. But with this movie the writing was just not good. The jokes were predictable and very unfunny with quite possibly one of the worst offenders being Patrick Stewart as a poop emoji, and while I like the message of individuality it isn’t conveyed well at all. In the end it just felt like a waste of time.


Overall The Emoji Movie is a bad movie, while little kids might find the humor to be funny I think there are far better movies to show them that are more engaging and are more intelligently written, especially ones that have the moral or message center around individuality.  So in the end I wouldn’t bother with this one, what a shame.

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