Batman Ninja Basic First Thoughts

Hey everyone so I got around to seeing Batman Ninja and to be honest for a first time viewing I can see why people outside of critics are so mixed about it.

To start with what I liked, the voice acting isn’t bad and having people who actually dubbed in anime like Roger Craig Smith, Fred Tatasciore, and even Yuri Lowenthal really helped in that regard. Even Tony Hale I thought did a decent job as the Joker. The story I think is a very fun what if scenario and considering they threw in many references from Japanese media and/or asian mythology I can tell the people involved were passionate about what they were making. Lastly The music by Yugo Kanno was good overall but there isn’t much to say.

When it comes to things that I either did not like or just bugged me my first gripe which is minor, while I can tell they were passionate about the project when they made a Japanese castle into a mech it took me out of the movie at first because earlier you had Batman talking about how Joker was messing up with history by doing things that wouldn’t happen in Japan for a long time. Then shortly after saying that starts plowing into people with his Batmobile as well as having a mech suit briefly, this is a nitpick because as the movie went on I got use to it.


My second minor issue is I don’t know why Bane was in this movie as you could have removed him all together and very little would have changed in the grand scheme of things. But the one issue that really bugged me and one I don’t know how to feel was the animation. Don’t get me wrong it’s not new to have CGI models in a mostly 2D animated movie. But here it felt like they were combining the two and it looks really awkward to watch. Plus I saw this movie English dubbed and while the voice acting itself was pretty good. The lip syncing for the models on the other hand were so off at points it actually takes the weight off of some scenes especially dramatic moments. It makes it even more awkward when one scene once we are introduced to Red Hood, the color palate becomes like an old painting which while it was beautiful also felt somewhat jarring considering the animation throughout a majority of the entire movie.

Overall I really don’t hate this movie, and somethings they did were fresh, but having said that the way it was done from a technical level were a bit distracting at parts and prevents me from being completely immersed in this movie. I do recommend it but only if you like Japanese culture, or at the very least for the price to drop. There are far worse things you can do with 85 minutes but this I can see why people are split about it. This has been Michael Schomer and I’ll see you all next time.


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